In redistricting cycles prior to 2021, the criteria to be followed by the General Assembly when drawing congressional and state legislative districts were set and approved by the House and Senate Committees on Privileges and Elections and the Joint Reapportionment Committees. However, in 2020, the General Assembly enacted 24.2-304.04, which sets out the standards and criteria to be adhered to when congressional and state legislative districts are drawn. These statutory standards and criteria are what the Redistricting Commission will follow and can be viewed here.


Criteria from previous redistricting cycles can be found below:

Adopted Senate Criteria, 4/3/01


Adopted House Criteria, 4/3/01


Adopted Congress Criteria, Senate, 7/9/01


Adopted Congress Criteria, House, 7/9/01


Approved Senate Criteria, 3/25/11


Approved House Criteria, 3/25/11


Approved Congress Criteria, Senate, 3/25/11 


Approved Congressional Criteria, 8/17/15